• Only charge using the appropriate charger for your quad copter.
  • Allow the battery to cool. Only plug the quad copter in to be charged several minutes after flying.


  • The left joystick: Up and down regulates the height. Left and right spin the drone.
  • The right joystick: 360˚ directional flying including forward, backward, left and right.
  • Every quad copter is equipped with trim controls to fine tune the flight.
  • Some quads are also equipped with speed setting and light controls.


  • Turn on your quad copter.
  • Turn on your remote control. Be sure the left joystick is pushed all the way down.
  • Wait several seconds for the remote and quad to synchronize.
  • Place the quad copter on a flat surface and rapidly lift and lower the left joystick (once or twice) to establish a connection.
  • Takeoff: Slowly increase speed to the propellers by lifting the left joystick upwards.
  • Landing: Slowly decrease speed to the propellers by lowering the left joystick.
  • Get comfortable with taking off and landing the quad copter by practicing steps 5 and 6 several times.*Note: Move the left joystick slowly when starting out.
  • Directional flying: Once you are comfortable with taking off and landing the quad, start using the right joystick to maneuver the quad copter forwards, backwards, left and right.
  • The further the right joystick is pushed in any direction, the faster the movement will be in that direction.
  • If your quad is moving slightly in any direction while hovering, use your trim control buttons to establish a more even hover.
  • Some models offer added functions with the top “trigger” buttons. For flips, press the necessary button and choose a direction in which to flip. For video, press the necessary button to commence recording; press it again to stop the recording.


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